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A short bio

Emtiyaz Khan (also known as Emti) is a (tenured) team leader at the RIKEN center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP) in Tokyo where he leads the Approximate Bayesian Inference Team. Previously, he was a postdoc and then a scientist at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), where he also taught two large machine learning courses and received a teaching award. He finished his PhD in machine learning from University of British Columbia in 2012. The main goal of Emti’s research is to understand the principles of learning from data and use them to develop algorithms that can learn like living beings. For more than 10 years, his work has focused on developing Bayesian methods that could lead to such fundamental principles. The approximate Bayesian inference team now continues to use these principles, as well as derive new ones, to solve real-world problems.

Current team members

More updated list here team ApproxBayes webpage.

  1. Emtiyaz Khan (Oct 2016-, Team Leader)
  2. Thomas Möllenhoff (Apr 2022-, Research Scientist (tenured), previously a post-doc from Aug 2020-Mar 2022)
  3. Hugo Daniel Monzon Maldonado (Jun 2022-, Post-Doc for the Bayes-duality project)
  4. Keigo Nishida (April 2023-, Concurrent Post-Doc with Makoto Taiji from RIKEN BDR)
  5. Zhedong Liu (Nov 2023-, Post-doc)
  6. Dharmesh Tailor (Oct 2021-, remote collaborator, PhD student at University of Amsterdam)
  7. Anita Yang (May 2024-, Part-Time Student from University of Tokyo)
  8. Pierre Alquier (Apr 2022-, Visiting Scientist from ESSEC Business school, Singapore)
  9. Joe Austerweil (Aug. 2023-, Visiting Scientist University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Collaborators and past team members

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  1. Peter Nickl (May 2021-May 2024, Research Assistant, Starting a PhD position in University of Geneva in Sep 2024)
  2. Geoffrey Wolfer (Mar 2022-Mar 2024, Post-Doc through the SPDR program, Assistant Professor at Waseda University)
  3. Lu Xu (Nov 2021-Dec 2023, Post-doc)
  4. Erik Daxberger (Jun 2020-Oct 2023, remote collaborator, PhD student from UCambridge)
  5. Gian Maria Marconi (Aug 2020-Sep 2023, Post-doc)
  6. Etash Guha (May-Sep 2023, Research Intern from Georgia Tech.)
  7. Naima Elosegui (June-Aug 2023, Research Intern from ETH, started a PhD at TU Berlin)
  8. Happy Buzaaba (Jun 2022-Aug 2023, Post-Doc for the Bayes-duality project, started a post-doc at Princeton)
  9. Ang Ming Liang (July 2022-Aug 2023, remote collaborator from NUS, started a PhD at UCL)
  10. Yuesong Shen (May-June 2023, Research Intern from TU Munich)
  11. Joe Austerweil (Sep 2022-May 2023, Visiting Professor on Sabbatical from University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  12. Wu Lin (Jan 2018-June 2023, PhD student at UBC, co-supervised with Mark Schmidt, started a postdoc at the Vector Institute)
  13. Negar Safinianaini (Jan-July 2023, Post-Doc for the Bayes-duality project)
  14. Erik Englesson (Feb-April 2023, Visiting PhD student from KTH)
  15. Paul Chang (Mar 2021-May 2023, remote collaborator, PhD student from Aalto University)
  16. Ramansh Sharma (Aug 2022-Mar 2023, remote collaborator from SRM Institute)
  17. Alexander Piche (Sep 2020-Mar 2023, remote collaborator, PhD student from MILA)
  18. Jooyeon Kim (Dec 2021-Feb 2022, Post-doc, started an assistant professor at AIGS, UNIST, S. Korea)
  19. Pierre Alquier (Aug 2019-Dec 2022, Research Scientist, started as a professor at ESSEC Business school, Singapore)
  20. Ali Unlu (April-Sep 2022, intern at OIST, started as a PhD at Bilkent Uni.)
  21. Kenneth Chen (July-Sep 2022, intern at OIST)
  22. David Tomàs Cuesta (Jan 2022-Apr 2022, Rotation PhD student from OIST)
  23. Tojo Rakotoaritina (Jan 2022-Apr 2022, Rotation PhD student from OIST)
  24. Happy Buzaaba (July 2020-Mar 2022, part-time PhD student from UTsukuba, started as a post-doc in our group)
  25. Ted Tinker (Sep 2021-Dec 2021, Rotation PhD student from OIST)
  26. Dharmesh Tailor (May 2019-Aug 2021, Research Assistant), started as a PhD student at University of Amsterdam)
  27. Siddharth Swaroop (Nov 2018-June 2021, remote collaborator, PhD student from UCambridge, started as a postdoc in Harvard Uni.)
  28. Evgenii Egorov (Jun 2020-May 2021, remote collaborator, PhD student from USkoltech, started as a PhD student at U. of Amsterdam)
  29. Peter Nickl (May 2020-Apr 2021, remote collaborator, MSc student from TU Darmstadt, started as a tech-staff in our group)
  30. Fariz Ikhwantri (July 2020-March 2021, part-time MSc student from TokyoTech, started as a PhD student in TokyoTech)
  31. Dimitri Meunier (May 2020-Nov 2020, remote collaborator, MSc student from ENSAE, Started as a PhD student at UCL Gatsby)
  32. Lucie Perrotta (Sep 2019-Mar2020, Intern from EPFL, Switzerland)
  33. Xiangming Meng (July 2019-Mar 2020, Postdoc, started as an Assistant Professor at the Zhejiang University-University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Institute (ZJUI)
  34. Farzaneh Mahdisoltani (Sep 2019-Feb 2020, Intern from UToronto and Vector Institute, Canada)
  35. Alexander Immer (March 2019- March 2020, Intern from EPFL, Switzerland, started as a PhD student at ETH)
  36. Roman Bachmann (July 2019-Feb 2020, Intern from EPFL, Switzerland, started as a PhD student at EPFL)
  37. Kazuki Osawa (Nov 2019-Feb 2020, Trainee from Tokyo Tech)
  38. Vincent Tan (May 2019-Jan 2020, Research assistant, went to pursue PhD at UOxford)
  39. Hongyi Ding (July 2019-Jan 2020, Postdoc)
  40. Anshuk Uppal (June-Dec 2019, Intern from IIIT Bangalore)
  41. Michael Przystupa (July-Dec 2019, Intern from UBC Vancouver)
  42. Maciej Korzepa (Feb-Dec 2019, Intern from DTU, Copenhagen)
  43. Matthias Bauer (Sep-Oct 2019, Intern from Max-Planck Institute)
  44. Pingbo Pan (May-Sep 2019, Intern from UT Sydney)
  45. Pierre Orenstein (May-Sep 2019, Intern from France)
  46. Benjamin Bray (May-August 2019, Intern from Georgia Tech)
  47. Ehsan Abedi (March-August 2019, Intern from EPFL, Switzerland)
  48. Mark Goldstein (June-Sep 2019, Intern from NYU)
  49. Anirudh Jain (Dec 2018-July 2019, Intern from ISM, India)
  50. Runa Eschenhagen (Oct 2018-May 2019, Intern from University of Osnabrück, Germany)
  51. Anand Subramanian (Feb-May 2019, Intern from JAIST, Japan)
  52. Dr. Parag Rastogi (Apr 2017-Mar 2019, Visiting Scientist, University of Strathclyde)
  53. Ohiremen Dibua (Intern from Stanford University between July 2018 to Aug 2018).
  54. Jiaxin Shi (Intern from Tsinghua University between July 2018 to Sep 2018).
  55. Hanna Tseran (Intern from University of Tokyo from Nov. 2017 to Aug. 2018).
  56. Si Kai Lee (Research Assistant from Dec 2017 to August 2018)
  57. Frederik Kunster (Intern from EPFL from Feb 2018 to August 2018).
  58. Didrik Nielsen (Research assistant from March 2017 to August 2018, joined DTU Copenhagen in Ole Winther's group)
  59. Aaron Mishkin (Intern from UBC during Jan-Jun 2018, joined UBC as a Master student).
  60. Wu Lin (Research assistant from Jan-Dec 2017, joined UBC as a PhD student)
  61. Nicolas Hubacher (Research Assistant from Jan-Dec 2017)
  62. Zuozhu Liu (Intern from SUTD during June-Dec 2017).
  63. Vaden Masrani (Intern from UBC during May-Oct 2017)
  64. Salma El Aloui (Intern from École Polytechnique during Jun-Sep 2017)
  65. Kimia Nadjahi (Intern from ENS Cachan during May-Sep 2017)
  66. Arnaud Robert (Intern from EPFL during Oct 2016 to April 2017)
  67. Heiko Strathman (from UCL)


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  1. Masaki Adachi (Apr 5, 2024, visiting from University of Oxford)
  2. Rafael Cabral (Apr 1-5, 2024, visiting from NUS)
  3. Siu Lun Chau-san (Alan) (Mar 25, 2024, visiting from CISPA - Helmholtz Center for Information Security)
  4. Sidak Pal Singh (Mar 18-19, 2024, visiting from ETH)
  5. Andres Martins (Mar 15, 2024, visiting from University of Lisbon)
  6. Sicelukwanda Zwane (Mar 11, 2024, visiting from UCL)
  7. Pratik Chaudhari (Feb 16, 2024, e-visiting from University of Pennsylvania)
  8. Juho Lee (Feb 14, 2024, visiting from KAIST)
  9. Shogo Nakakita (Nov 17, 2023, visiting from University of Tokyo)
  10. Samuel Kaski (Sep 8, 2023, visiting from Aalto University)
  11. Martin Mundt (Sep 4-Sep 8, 2023, visiting from TU Darmstadt)
  12. Krikamol Maundet (Aug 28-Sep 9, 2023, visiting from CISPA - Helmholtz Center for Information Security)
  13. Rajesh Ranganath (Aug 25, 2023, visiting from NYU)
  14. Molei Tao (Aug 18, 2023, visiting from Georgia Institute of Technology)
  15. So Takao (Aug 18, 2023, visiting from UCL)
  16. Michael Samuel Albergo (Aug 18, 2023, visiting from NYU)
  17. Antonio Vergari (Jul 10-17, 2023, visiting from U of Edinburgh)
  18. Alexandre Pouget (Jun 05, 2023, visiting from U of Geneva)
  19. Kishan Panaganti (May 10, 2023, e-visit from Texas A&M)
  20. Zhedong Liu (Apr 10, 2023, e-visit from KAUST)
  21. Shogo Nakakita (Geb 28, 2023, visiting from University of Tokyo)
  22. Michael Choi (Dec 8, 2022, visiting from NUS)
  23. Daniel Berrar (Jan 11 2022, Visitor from the Open University)
  24. Michael Zhang (Jan 10 2022, Visitor from U of Hong Kong)
  25. Yarin Gal (Nov 9 2022, Visitor from U Oxford)
  26. Jun Yeong Bak (Nov 2 2022, Visitor from SKKU)
  27. Alex Immer (Nov 2 2022, Visitor from TUD)
  28. Carlo D Aramo (Nov 2 2022, Visitor from TUD)
  29. Georgia Chalvatzaki (Nov 2 2022, Visitor from TUD)
  30. Mizu Nishikawa-Toomey (Aug-Sep 2022, Visitor from MILA)
  31. (July 2-30, 2019) Paul Doukhan (University Cergy-Pontoise).
  32. (Apr 22, 2019) Edwin Bonilla (Data61).
  33. (Apr 8-15, 2019) Arun Verma (IIT Mumbai).
  34. (Apr 2-9, 2019) Prof. Yarin Gal (Oxford).
  35. (Apr 2-19, 2019) Siddharth Swaroop (Cambridge).
  36. (Mar 25-29, 2019) Prof. Haavard Rue (KAUST).
  37. Pierre Alquire (from ENSAE Paris-tech on Feb 27, 2019) [ Talk details ]
  38. Pierre Jacob (from Harvard University on Feb 26, 2019) [ Talk details ]
  39. Sergey Kushnarev (from SUTD, Singapore from Feb 2-7, 2019)
  40. Vijay Chandrasekhar and Foo Chuan Sheng (from the Institute of Infocomm research, A-star, Singapore on Nov. 28, 2018)
  41. Cedric Archambeau (from Amazon, Berlin on Oct. 18, 2018)
  42. Yarin Gal (from Oxford University between Sep. 7-12, 2018)
  43. Tim Lau (from North Western University, between Aug 1-17, 2018)
  44. Srijith PK (from IIT Hyderabad, India, between July 18-31, 2018)
  45. Yarin Gal (from Oxford University between Feb. 12-18, 2018)
  46. Akash Srivastava (from University of Edinburgh, between Jan. 28, 2017 - Feb 14, 2018)
  47. Yarin Gal (from Cambridge University between Feb. 12-17, 2017)
  48. Mauricio A Alvarez (from University of Sheffield, between Nov. 18-25, 2017)
  49. Thang Bui (from University of Cambridge between Oct. 2-20, 2017)
  50. Mark Schmidt (from UBC between Aug 14-25, 2017)
  51. Yarin Gal (from Cambridge University between Aug. 17-25, 2017)
  52. Prof. Havard Rue (from KAUST from June 19-25, 2017)
  53. Prof. Arnaud Doucet (from Oxford University on April 26, 2017)
  54. Prof. Marco Cuturi (from Ecole des Mines, France on April 18, 2017)
  55. Dr. Parag Rastogi (from Glasgow in March 2017)
  56. Heiko Strathman (from UCL in March 2017)
  57. Maja Rudolph (in March 2017 from Columbia University)