Open positions

Approximate Bayesian Inference (ABI)
RIKEN center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP), Tokyo, Japan

Type of positions



Candidates are expected to work on problems at the intersection of deep learning, Bayesian inference, optimization, and reinforcement learning. See details of our research here. Selected candidates are expected to carry out research and publish their findings in top machine-learning conferences.

Post-Doc/Research Scientist positions

The candidate is expected to be an expert in one or more of the following areas: approximate Bayesian inference, probabilistic graphical models, numerical optimization, deep learning, reinforcement learning, active learning, life-long learning, and Bayesian optimization.

The candidate must have a PhD (or expected to get one in the near future) and published their research in machine-learning conferences (NIPS, ICML, AIStats, UAI, ICLR, etc.). Candidates who have worked on applications of machine learning are also encouraged to apply.

Exceptional candidates can be appointed as a research scientist. Such candidates must have 2-3 years of previous post-doc experience in the areas mentioned above.

Working hours are relaxed and at your own discretion. The center also provides travel funds to attend conferences. The position is meant to further the careers of young researchers who wish to pursue a career in academia.

Research Internship Positions

PhD students working on machine learning are preferred, but we also accept Masters and, very occasionally, senior undergraduate students.

About the center

Our center started in September 2016. The office is located in the center of Tokyo. The center has also built up a good computing infrastructure. We provide competitive salaries and also cover part of the housing, commuting allowance, relocation costs, and health insurance.

See more here.

How to Apply

For details of application proedure, send an email to